Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angry Dragon's First Race

This is video I took on my iPhone of video that was showing on my laptop, okay? So, apologies in advance for the video quality. But, the 9 horse is the filly we own an interest in, and, yes, indeed, as expected, she was a mite irritated in the paddock. At least she didn't bite her groom.

The race itself went fairly well. She made a good showing for a first time starter. She didn't want to go in the gate, the feisty girl, so they had to do the usual ear-grab to get her loaded. She stumbled coming out of the gate but recovered quickly and caught up in a few strides, moving past horses and coming in towards the inside from the wide post. She settled in front and led the way for much of the race. But coming down the stretch she seemed to lose focus and get tired, so she got passed but nevertheless hung on for 5th place. So, she actually earned a little hay money, which we can't complain about.

We haven't been able to talk with her trainer yet about whether she's okay after that stumble, but she had such a great stride and such good early foot that it seems like she's probably okay. Maybe next time she'll try dirt and do better, or Chuck will add blinkers to help her focus; since it won't be her first race anymore, she'll hopefully be less nervous and won't burn off so much energy beforehand. And if she gets a better post maybe she can rate instead of setting the pace.

I just love her blaze and that pretty face. And you kind of have to respect any lady who lets her feelings be known.

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