Friday, July 29, 2011

Shut Up Already and Get It Done!

Let me see if I have this straight. In the name of compromise, Obama has taken removing tax breaks for the wealthy off the table and said he'd be willing to settle for closing a few tax loopholes instead. Boehner, et al, have in return agreed to let low-income college students keep their Pell Grants. The Tea Party? They're saying closing tax loopholes is the same as raising taxes and that Pell Grants for poor kids are socialist, so no deal.

No wonder the Republican Party is increasingly being perceived as having gone insane.

Well, I suppose that's what you get when you sell your party to a third party in order to get your party elected.

Forget this "Super Congress" idea if it's still on the table. The GOP needs the Tea Party to become its own separate third party. A "Super Congress" is not only unconstitutional, it's a coward's way to sidestep the Tea Party Republicans.

We could also use a viable fourth party that's more fiscally conservative than Democrats but much more socially libertarian than Republicans.

Meanwhile, they all need to just shut up and raise the debt ceiling and knock off the lying. (For clarification: "barely true," "somewhat true," "half true," and "mostly true" are still all lies in my book. The only truth is the "whole truth.")  Raising the debt ceiling does nothing but allow government to pay for the things it has ALREADY approved. If you want us to make good on our Treasury bonds, Social Security, paychecks for soldiers, payments for contractual obligations on services we have already collected, etc etc, we have to pay, or we default.

If Congress didn't want us to default (which a fair reading of the 14th Amendment makes treasonous), it should not have approved those expenditures in the first place.

This present mess is the direct result of the Republicans getting the bright idea to use the debt ceiling vote as a mechanism whereby they could push their own budget agenda. I'm pretty sure right now they're wishing they hadn't done that. You don't really argue the budget after you've already approved the budget, which is basically what's going on and why the debt ceiling has always been a rather routine rubber-stamp "approved" kind of vote.

Shut up already and get it done.


just jane said...

Thumbs up!

Joyce said...

Ugh, what a mess, huh?