Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Night Game at AT&T Park

We went to another game last night; this time it was versus our archrival, the Dodgers, so I'm pleased to be able to say we beat them 5-3. You know, every time I'm at AT&T Park, I'm struck by how beautiful a ballpark it really is. When you exit a night game onto Willie Mays Plaza (sculpture of Mays in the photo), the orange lights wrapped around the palm trees are all turned on, and it really is a magical atmosphere.

You can walk around the entire ballpark. The bleacher side (with the Coke bottle and glove) backs up against the marina and San Francisco Bay, whereas the Arcade side faces McCovey Cove. Home runs that fly over the Arcade and land in the Cove are called "splash hits." Boaters and kayakers (and often rented "party boats") fill the Cove during games, hoping that a ball will be hit to them. That happened with some regularity when Barry Bonds was on his run to break Hank Aaron's record. The video below shows you McCovey Cove--and Chelle as well, being a smart ass.

For a change, we got front row seats in the Arcade, and even though they're bleacher seats and not as comfortable, they're still great seats. The guys behind us apparently have season tickets there and had the game on the radio as we were watching, so that added some great running commentary on the action. The highlight of the game was when 1st baseman Brandon Belt, back up from the minors, lived up to his name and knocked a home run right over our heads--unfortunately, there wasn't quite enough loft to get it all the way into McCovey Cove.

The next two photos are of our view of the field and the scoreboard (with a glimpse of the Bay Bridge behind the Coke bottle). The Arcade fans were relentless in their taunting of Dodgers right fielder Rivera. The last picture is of me well before the game in my new Cody Ross jersey, looking like an orange menace.

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