Thursday, July 28, 2011

Joke for the Day

Two women who were drinking buddies decided to have a girl's night out, left their husbands at home, and went to a bar together to tie one on. After numerous frilly pink umbrella drinks, they switched to shots and closed the place down. They left, locking arms together, and began weaving their way back home.

Along the way, they realized they really had to pee. There was only one convenient place to go--the local cemetery. Scared and drunk, they decided to risk it anyway.

The first one did not have anything handy to clean herself with, so she took off her panties, wiped herself with them, and discarded them.

The second one, not finding anything to wipe with either, thought, "Well, I'm not throwing my underwear away," so she looked around, found a flower wreath on a grave, and removed and used the ribbon from that to wipe herself with.

They went on their way, got home safely, and went to bed.

The next morning, one of the husbands called the other on the phone and said, "Look, we need to be on the look-out. I think those two were up to no good last night. My wife came home without her underwear."

The other husband said, "No shit, dude! Mine came home last night with a card stuck to her ass that said 'We Will Never Forget You.'"

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