Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Got Problems?

Because I used to think of happiness as "absence of conflict," "everybody is getting along well," "nothing is wrong," and that sort of thing, I used to be continually unhappy. In fact that's a pretty self-sabotaging way of thinking. This Daily Meditation from In the Rooms sums it up pretty well:
Today I do not see a life free of problems as a healthy life. Wanting my life to look and to be problem-free goes against what is natural and mobilizes my vanity in the struggle to hide anything that I consider "unpleasant." Problems that I hide don't go away. It is facing adversity and pain in the light of day, sharing it with others - breaking isolation and connecting with those around me - that promotes growth. When I want my day to be struggle-free, I stop the wheels of life from functioning. Problems are a part of living well and being alive.

If I have life, I will have problems.

Nowadays, for me, happiness is more a state of inner contentment: I'm satisfied that I'm doing my best; I have love and I give love; life has its ups and downs, and I am gifting myself with the full experience.


just jane said...

I shared this on facebook, because I found so much meaning in it, tonight. I suffer with anxiety, sever anxiety, and have lived a life of worry, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have lived safely, and limited myself from the emotions that go with daily troubles.
I have not even taken to drinking my problems away, or avoiding them, I have just suffered, scared, since I was a little girl. I am 49 now, and you have hit on it. I am going to try it your way. I am just going to feel my feelings and find joy in the ups and the downs. It will be an exercise in serenity, and a step in the right direction, I hope.

That is all I wanted to express, here....Thank you for bring this perspective to me when I most needed it. I am an old work in progress, but the progress is a new concept. Pray for me, I would like that! Peace, Jane

Joyce said...

I certainly will! I'm glad this post found you when you needed it. :)