Friday, June 24, 2011

Camping at the In-Laws'

So far, so good. No family fights, no embarrassing moments, nothing but rest and relaxation and good conversation. Of course, that's because only about a dozen of us are here yet. Most of the crowd is expected to roll in today, with the rest arriving on Saturday.

This video shows basically where we're parked and maybe a quarter of the property. You'll see the lava rocks (the black bumpy rock piles) that cover the property--part of the property is actually lava beds. One edge of the land is bordered by Hat Creek, famous for its trout fishing. Some of you might remember last year's Memorial Day weekend when I had my famous "Falls With a Fish" episode that kept us entertained on Facebook for several days. So far (knock on wood) I haven't tumbled, stumbled, or injured myself in any way, but things are just getting going.

Last night I watched Shakespeare in Love for the second time, and I'm thinking tonight I may watch Into the Wild. It seems fitting.

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