Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taxes Done! Thank You, Lord

All I can say is, thank goodness they don't really tax that.

Chelle and I finally finished our taxes today. Ugh. Naturally, we owed. But not as much as last year, and this time, we did them ourselves rather than paying an accounting firm $500 an hour, so even though doing our taxes ate up the better part of our Saturday off, we are happy that's accomplished.

Of course, I did find out that the measly $108 dollars I earned while serving on a jury for a week and a half last September is taxable income I have to claim! Wow, they get you coming and going, don't they?

And then I amused the guy on the other end of the phone at Charles Schwab when I called because I'd lost my 1099. And, I'd forgotten my login ID. I'm pleased to report that I was their first call of the day about the 1099. He teased me mercilessly for putting off doing my taxes. But can you blame us, since we both knew we were going to have to pay up? I like to hang onto my stinky little dollars until I have to part with them.

I don't mind giving money to charitable causes and to my friends when they're in a jam, but I do mind giving money away to a government that has lent money to banks and then had the same banks turn around and lend it back to the govt at a higher interest rate. (If you haven't read about that, you're in for an eye opener right here.)

All of it's enough to make me want to drink, now that I think of it, but nah. The only person that would hurt is me.


FROG'S new PAD said...

ROFL! I hung onto my stinky dollars as long as I could, too!

Joyce said...

My stinky GAY dollars! LOL