Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One AA Saying I Disagree With Is ...

"Relapse is a part of recovery."

I suppose this is a reasonable, non-judgmental thing to say to someone who has relapsed and you want to impart the idea that sometimes we slip; it's forgivable; just get back on the horse. And in rehab I heard it a lot (maybe because many of the folks there were not there for the very first time), along with the assurance, "It's not like starting all over. You still have some good sobriety under your belt and things you've learned from your time being sober."

All of which I don't dispute.

But really, I don't like the idea because it's also dangerous to the alcoholic mind. If I accepted the idea that relapse is a part of recovery, then I'm accepting that one day I will probably relapse. And that little devil on my shoulder is going to say, "Well, then, if it's inevitable, just do it. You can't help it." And I'll run with it.

No, thanks. I want to believe that relapse DOES NOT HAVE TO BE a part of recovery.


Pammie said...

Amen. Just for the record...it is NOT an AA saying. There is no place in any AA literature that says that. It is a treatment center saying.
No, relapse is not a part of recovery. Recovering is a part of recovery.
We are in the same mind set today.LOL

Joyce said...

Probably it isn't an AA saying... I mean, I don't think I recall anything like that in the Big Book or 12x12, as you say, but boy, do a lot of folks in AA repeat it!

Somebody also pointed out to me: usually it's someone who has relapsed who says that. ;-)

I just really don't want to go down that road. I know how my twisted little mind works, haha