Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday at the Ballpark

We finally got a chance to head to AT&T Park yesterday for a ball game; it was the Giants vs. the Braves. The Giants haven’t been playing well (early in the season, not atypical), though it was disheartening to see the Braves sweep the series. Chelle says it’s payback for their errors in last year’s playoffs, errors that got the Giants into the World Series in the first place.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day (naturally I forgot sunblock. Heck, it was drizzling and overcast when we left the house. We brought an umbrella and blankets, expecting to be shivering.) So, today my right ear is sunburned. I am walking around looking like I am half blushing.

We had great seats behind home plate. There was some excitement in the 7th inning as the Giants rallied and brought in some runs, and we got to see Buster Posey (heartthrob to young girls everywhere) hit a home run.

Mostly I just enjoyed basking in the sun. Chelle had a few beers, and the two guys sitting further down in our row had even a few more. (I lost count; it seemed one of them went on a beer run after each inning, not that I was counting but because they had to squeeze past me each time they got up.) By game’s end, they were definitely chatty and being friendly. I considered ordering an O'Doul's non-alcohol beer but decided instead to stick with water.

Two Braves fans dared to sit in the middle of Giants season ticket holders, and I was pleased to see that not a single person harassed them. (Still makes my heart ache for that Giants fan who was beaten up a month ago at Dodgers Stadium. He is still in a coma. He is a paramedic who actually frequently worked games at Santa Clara, so Chelle knows him.)

The movie is of my boyfriend, Cody Ross, hitting a pop fly out. He did get a single later on in the game. Chelle bought me a Cody Ross pin to put on my Giants cap.

Sunshine, hot dogs, Cracker Jack … what more can you ask for?

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