Friday, March 4, 2011

Yesterday's Meeting

I was needed at the noon AA meeting yesterday because of the woman who came in late.

She was looking anxiously for a place to sit, so I patted the chair next to me and smiled at her.

It was a step study meeting, and the place was packed, so naturally there weren't enough books to go around. I scooted my chair closer to hers and held my book so she could look on with me. "I don't have my glasses," she said sheepishly, so I brought the book up even closer, angling it so she had the better view of it.

Turned out she's from Half Moon Bay, has been going to meetings for many years, and was just getting bored of seeing the same old people all the time in her usual meetings. I confessed I'd been bad about getting to meetings myself lately, for much the same reason. I told her I tended to like this particular meeting because inevitably someone in our group (it's called the 51-50 Club for a reason, trust me) will say something truly off the wall. True to form, at one point a man stood up and said ... well, I'm not sure what he said, but it had to do with ghosts and quitting smoking. The lady's eyes met my eyes in that moment, and we shared a smile of camaraderie.

I told her about the 5:00 women's meeting in Belmont on Saturdays, and she seemed interested in giving that one a try. She squeezed my hand after the Lord's Prayer.

Who knows? Maybe I'll see her some Saturday.

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