Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans, Part Two

My friend Thomas has offered the Republican response to my last post, so in the interest of fair play I post it here:

Daughter: I really enjoy school and I've been working to retain my scholarship. I made a 98 on the last test, after studying hard.

Father: How is your best friend Susie doing?

Daughter: She's doing fine. She parties a lot and her grades aren't that good, but she's getting an education. I think she made a 74 on that same test.

Father: Since she's your best friend, why don't you go to the professor and ask if you can share your grade with Susie? If they were averaged, you'd both get 86's, which is still a good grade and you could help your friend out.

Daughter: Are you kidding? I worked hard for that grade! I'd like to party like Susie, but I think my grade is more important.

Father, smiling: Welcome to the Republican party.

To which I added an alternative punch line to represent the Libertarian Party:

Father: "What is this government regulation called 'grades,' anyway? Get rid of it! You two are perfectly capable of grading your own selves."

It's been an interesting discussion on Facebook. The real differences (jokes, of course, are always distortions to some degree, stereotyping the worst extreme of any party in order to be humorous) seem to boil down to different ideas about personal responsibility, fairness, blaming, privilege, and the like. Regardless of your political persuasion, what I'm finding is that most of us actually value the same ENDS. We just disagree primarily on how to get there.

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