Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Evanescence: "Anywhere"

There is no official video; this is a fan-made one and heaven only knows who Christy is. I can't see that this song by Evanescence is available on a CD anywhere. So I'm curious to know where it's from.

Haunting and beautiful. And you know how I feel about medieval things, knights, wizards, strong women of court (who always run the real show). These scenes are taken from Lord of the Rings or one from that series.


rionka said...

Hi Joyce,

Anywhere is a track from Origin - a demo release what Evanescence made in 2000. I like to see you love their earlier material. It's true that this track isn't available on any the "official" CD. There are many fakes of Origin on the internets, but it's almost impossible to buy the original. See "Origin" at Wikipedia:

Joyce said...

Thanks for the info! I wondered.

I did find a free download of an Mp3 of it somewhere. Love it.