Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Vision of Students Today

This is an interesting short video that still manages to pack in a lot of information. As an educator, I'm mostly intrigued by this because it shows so very clearly how we are failing our students through outdated instructional practices... especially when you're working with developmental students. Drills don't work. Rote memorization does not work. The average student has an attention span of about 20 minutes maximum, so you constantly must change whatever it is you're doing in the classroom every 15 minutes or so if you want to keep your students tuned in. Incorporate video, slideshows, text, discussion, group work, all in a single period. They don't learn if you don't keep them engaged. The days of the tweedy old gray-bearded professor pontificating in front of the room are gone.

Or they should be.

Hat tip to Shawn Chinn.


Lucia Olson said...

This is such a great video, Joyce. My daughter (she is 14 1/2) watched it and said "Why do they spend so much time online?" So maybe not all students will be like this--I must say my son spends more time online than he should (he is 12 1/2), but they can't do it at school.

Joyce said...

I remember the first semester I taught in the CAC at school... there was one student who would get on Facebook during class so much that I finally had to resort to making her turn her computer off whenever I was lecturing. Kathleen handles it by making her students bring their chairs over away from the computers and get into a circle whenever she has class discussions in that room. For some, technology is such a tremendous distraction....they can't do research on the Web without checking their email or Facebook or their smartphones every 5 minutes.