Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Indigo Girls: "There's Still My Joy"

You know, when I first heard the Indigo Girls were putting out a Christmas CD, I rolled my eyes. I never even bought the one Melissa Etheridge did because I'm fed up with artists milking their fans with these kinds of compilations. I figured Melissa did a Christmas album because she'd run out of fresh ideas and maybe had child support to pay. But the Indigo Girls? Hard to believe they'd sell out.

Well, they haven't. They're just stretching a bit. Especially since Emily has written a book with her dad about music and its importance to the spiritual life, and knowing that Amy majored in religion in undergraduate school, a Christmas album and a series of holiday shows this year actually makes sense for them. They're genuinely celebrating the season, not just trying to sell albums. There are only three traditional Christmas songs on the album, some of the songs are original, including one about Hanukkah, and there are guest appearances from Chely Wright and Brandi Carlile.

Altogether a good one to add to your holiday collection (buy or read more about it here). Enjoy this song by Emily Saliers.

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