Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas at the Pell House

Ah, the holidays with the in-laws. The beauty of this place always astounds me. This photo is at the back of the property by the pond (the self-same pond, if you'll recall, that I was dashing up the hill from to throw a trout into after pulling it from Hat Creek this past summer. I swear that knee I came down on still isn't right.)

I spent the morning doing zumba with my mother-in-law and my hips haven't seen this much action since ... well, I dare not say.

And this is our tree. There are so many windows in this place and snow on the ground already, so it's Christmas season perfect. Actually, we are supposed to be hit with a snowstorm tomorrow and Sunday. We're talking about going snowshoeing up in Lassen if it's possible to get over the pass.

It sure will be pretty with the evergreens heavy with snow.

Happy holidays to all my friends and family (and AA family) who follow this blog.

May all your Christmas dreams come true.


Eileen Pennington said...

Merry Christmas to you and Chelle, Joyce.

Joyce said...

Thanks! Same to you and yours. :)