Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Walk by the Ocean

It's 71 degrees in the Bay Area today, so Chelle and I decided to drive over to Half Moon Bay and take a walk along the beach. After that, we had lunch at Moss Beach Distillery.

I was telling a friend earlier today that sometimes I need the mountains, sometimes I need a forest, and other times I need the sea. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that my world can get pretty self-enclosed, and I get bogged down in daily irritations. It feels, sometimes, that life starts closing in on me. And in those moments I seek out nature because it returns perspective to me. I am just one tiny person on much bigger planet, and this planet is just one tiny dot in a very large universe.

The universe is vast, yet it consists of us, all the tiny elements that make it up, all of us a part of the ebb and flow, and every last one of us is necessary.

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