Friday, November 26, 2010

Tummy About to Burst?

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, why did I make so much? How the hell do I get rid of all this stuff? Why didn't they take some of this shit home with them?!

The fact is, you can eat only so much leftover turkey before you lose your mind, or stay perpetually asleep because of the tryptophan overdose (actually that's a myth. Chicken and cheese actually have more tryptophan than turkey. The after-Thanksgiving-dinner sleepies are due to the massive carbohydrate overload. Just sayin.) And here's another bit of day-after-Thanksgiving trivia for you: the number one day of the year for plumbers to have the most house calls is... you got it.


So, enjoy your turkey soup, your turkey tetrazzini, your turkey pot pie, your turkey sandwiches. Me, I feel lucky we had Turkey Day at my brother-in-law's, because that means we have no leftovers in the fridge that we have to nibble at for days on end. (Blessed are we, in many ways.)

Oh, and 'fess up. You know you had pumpkin pie for breakfast.

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