Sunday, November 28, 2010

Relaxing in Bodega Bay

Chelle and I just got back from spending the weekend with her parents in Bodega Bay, which is about a two-hour drive north of San Francisco (depending on traffic). There's not much in Bodega Bay but spectacular views of the Bay, walking paths, and a slew of little art & gifts galleries, a surf shop, restaurants, etc. Since it's now crab season, we ate a lot of fresh crab. We stayed at the Bodega Bay Lodge, which is a bit on the pricey side but each room has a fireplace and a view of the Bay, and Chelle's mom treated me to an in-room massage, which I really needed. My lower back has been acting up again, and Dawn the Massage Therapist did a great job of limbering me up.

Remind me that I need to get my doctor to refer a chiropractor in my network, okay? Because I'll forget until my back starts screaming at me again.

Anyway, on the way out today, we decided to swing by the town of Bodega itself, which is actually about five miles away from the coast, off Highway One on the way to the 101. Why, you ask? Well, the town is famous for being the place where Alfred Hitchcock shot the schoolhouse scene in The Birds. The schoolhouse still stands and so naturally I had to go stand in front of it.

The movie clip I've posted below, but you'll see that Hitch took a few liberties with the reality of the place. The biggest is that the Bay is nowhere within viewing distance of the actual schoolhouse. And I sure as heck didn't see any big black birds. I didn't even see any gulls. Or sparrows. Not even a crow. I guess Hitch had to truck those suckers in.

Anyway, it was a nice, relaxing weekend, but I didn't get nearly enough papers graded. Sigh. I'd better stop stalling and get to it.


Krissy said...

Reminder: Find a chiropractor in your network woman! Momma-in-law can't always be around. :)

Krissy said...

Btw, LOVE the graphics in that clip. Going back and watching movies that scared us or that we thought were too cool just make me laugh now.

(My word verification for this post is "dishice." WTF? LOL)

Joyce said...

Thank you, Krissy!

Yup, I called my doc today to get a referral. It should be in the mail tomorrow or the day after. Then I just need to make the appointment.

And then I'll get x-rays, an adjustment or two, and my insurance company will find a reason to not reimburse me anyway. ;-)

Krissy said...

Now what insurance company would do that??? LOL..

Btw, please go read my last two posts about the possibility of me getting a cat and give me your opinion.

Joyce said...

Okay doke! Heading over.....