Friday, October 22, 2010

Even the Human Athletes Adore the Equine Athletes

Here's wide receiver Terrell Owens of the Cincinatti Bengals (a tiger? coincidence? I think not) visiting the great Zenyatta on the backside at Hollywood Park this past weekend. The full story is at ESPN here.

Owens is a tall man, so he got a view of her that we didn't get. See the difference?

Now, what did I whisper to Zenyatta? It's a secret. But she did tell me to not fret about the Classic this year. If I understand Horse correctly, it was something like "Piece o' cake."

For those who may not know, Zenyatta is 17.5 hands, taller than even Secretariat.

Long-legged mares: I love 'em.

UPDATE: Be sure to catch Zenyatta on 60 Minutes on October 31st. More can be found here.

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