Monday, September 27, 2010

This Post is Brought to You by Gray Hair

This is so unfair. Look at me!

I am getting seriously gray.

My right temple (left in the photo) is gray. And now my hair (which used to be brown) is getting enough gray throughout it that I'm starting to look, well, salt-and-peppery.

I am only 48 years old, but OMG was I feeling my mortality this morning on the way to work. I was in my car, listening to the radio, when some punk-assed betch goes flying by me with the heavy thumping bass and the rap lyrics blaring out the window, and before I knew it, I had launched into the inner tirade of an old fart: "Dang kids nowadays with their dang music nobody can understand, dang it all."

I mentioned Three Mile Island in class the other day and my students all looked at me as if I'd sprouted tentacles from my forehead.

"Three Mile Wha?"

I was watching The Family Man with Nick Cage and Tea Leoni on tv yesterday evening, and I gasped during the scene when he takes her to the Windows on the World restaurant in the Twin Towers in NYC. Damn! It's. Not. There. Anymore.

Worse, 9-11 was almost ten years ago. These kids in my class were all of nine years old when the Twin Towers went down.

Where has the time gone? How did I suddenly go from a somewhat hip, fit thirty-somethingth hottie my students got crushes on to a flabby, almost fifty year-old gray haired old lady?

Oh my god.

I'm really gonna die one day.

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