Friday, September 17, 2010

Life Is Good

Chelle surprised me last night by telling me, "Hey. You haven't put anything on your blog lately. What's up?"

I had to ponder that.

The fact is, NOTHING is up.

And thus the miracle of sobriety strikes me yet again. There is absolutely no drama going on in my life at all. Nothing is eating at my conscience. Nobody is annoying me. The department secretary remarked the other day, "You seem so HAPPY lately, always smiling."

It's true. My mood is steadily a good one.

Oh, don't get me wrong. Life is not incident-free. If you follow me on Facebook, you know that the right wing nutbag Christine O'Donnell being elected in Delaware is a rather frightening thing to me. (On the other hand, she's so out there that it perhaps drastically increases the likelihood of the Democrat being elected.) I'm grading papers this weekend, and (it happens without fail) already I'm wondering how some of my students ever managed to graduate from high school, much less get their driver's licenses--because apparently they can't read or follow directions. The fact that Queen Nutmeg Whitman continues to run a negative campaign ad criticizing Jerry Brown when she's been called out on it in the press and by others for its outright lies is something I find maddening. I'm of the personal opinion that all politicians distort the truth sometimes, but I do draw the line at a clear case of lying and continuing to do so even when you know it's a lie; that's just a matter of fair play to me. And the list of daily annoyances or "things that make me go hmmm" goes on.

But my point is that these things still don't knock me off kilter. My mood remains good, my outlook on life positive.

This just wasn't so when I was drinking. When I was using, I was continually upset. What's funny is that I used to think it was my drinking that helped me cope. In actuality, it was my drinking that made me less able to cope. Indeed, my drinking often made me blow things way out of proportion.

So, nowadays, when I'm silent, it doesn't mean that anything is wrong. It means that, miracle of miracles, nothing is really troubling me. Life is good.

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