Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's Message Is Brought to You by a Power Outage

Okay, so I'm a dolt. I like to get to work early so I have time to get my stuff together and gather my thoughts before I march into class. Since I have an 8:10am class, I get to campus around 7:30 and go hang out in my office for a bit. Today I arrived at 7:20am since traffic was light on 92.

Well, the building was locked. I reswiped my fob thingy and the door still didn't unlock. And then my cell phone pings. I look at the message. It's from my college. It says:

CSM power is out. The campus is closed. Do not come to campus. Check the CSM website for updates. Next update: 9:00am.


Fine. My 8:00 class is canceled. Do I go home and wait and drive back to campus for my 10:00am class, or do I just hang out?

I was in my car weighing the pros and cons when the door to my building opened and was propped open by one of the Police Academy instructors. So I decided to go wait in my office.

Here is the hallway that greeted me:

I sort of felt my way down the hall to my office and fumbled with various keys until I managed to unlock my door and go in. I sat and waited, and when it was light enough by the window, I sat and read until 9:00am. My Dean stopped by and chatted with me a bit and I told her tales of New Orleans.

Here is what my office looks like in the morning light:

My desk is by the door, so you are actually looking at my office mate's desk and bookcase.

May I just say that my desk and bookcases are more entertaining by a long shot.

Anyway, 9:00am finally arrived and this is the text message I received:

CSM power is out. Campus is still closed. All morning classes are canceled. Next update at 12:00pm.

Yabba dabba doo! I locked up everything and headed home.

ps. It's now 11:00, and another text just arrived saying the campus is now closed until 6pm. Next update at 4:00 regarding night classes. I feel sorry for anybody taking a Thursday night class that meets only once a week.

But not too sorry.

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