Monday, August 2, 2010

Red Fish Grill, New Orleans

I'm so full I think I hobbled around the French Quarter afterwards for an hour in a stupor.

For an appetizer, we had crab and tomato salad.

For entrees, Chelle had Jumbo shrimp with jambalaya, and I had the pictured entree: blackened redfish with a shrimp and saffron salad, green beans, and pomme frites.

But then came the grand finale, which was the most sinful thing I think I've ever eaten: double chocolate bread pudding. Our server came to the table, set it down in a little pot, then poured two little carafes of melted white grenache and dark chocolate grenache over the bread pudding. Here it is before we dove in:

It was such a production that the table next to us of three beautiful African American women were ooh'ing and aah'ing and craning their necks to see. We were reluctant to dip our spoons in at first to mess up the delicious presentation, but our tastebuds put a quick end to that. And we made quick work of dessert:

As we sat finishing up our drinks (coffee for me, Abita SOS beer for Chelle), the lesbian manager came over and chatted us up about other places to visit in New Orleans, apologizing for the relentless heat as if somehow she were responsible for it.

And then Chelle ordered another dessert for the ladies at the table next to us and had it added to our bill. We hit the restroom and were sneaking out the front door when we were collared by one of the women, who burst onto the sidewalk and hugged us both.

Ah, N'awlins!

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