Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Last Day Here

Well, I already made a saucy post on Facebook about this plant being happy to see me, so I won't repeat that here. (Except that I just did.)

Anyway, this antherium, I'm told, is also known as Little Boy Plant.

Today's exciting adventure involved stopping by Ma's Kava Stop to try a small cup of the local elixir. I'm sure my sponsor will raise an eyebrow at me for that, but seriously. I've had kava before (just never here in the islands) and it is just not the same as alcohol. I suppose in high enough doses (like, ten cups or so) it acts as an intoxicant, but mostly it just makes me feel a little relaxed, and I don't get a "buzzed" feeling at all. No buzzed feeling = no desire to keep drinking cup after cup of it. Hence no problem. Actually, if anything, coffee gives me a buzz, but it's a different kind of buzz.

Anyway, Ma was very sweet and gave me a big hug goodbye, and I kissed her on the cheek.

I'm going to miss this place.

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