Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello, New Orleans!

What a long day. We were up at 4:00am, drove to San Jose, flew to Chicago, sat around for an hour and a half, then flew to New Orleans. After checking into our hotel (Le Pavillion, which is also said to be haunted; you can read about that here), we went for a walk around the French Quarter and had dinner at the Acme Oyster House.

Now, if you're a fan of Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel, then you know about Adam Richman's fifteen dozen raw oyster challenge that he successfully completed at this place. I am not about to eat that many raw oysters, but I did brave a dozen oysters on the half shell (pictured) and had a side of craw puppies, which were fabulously spicy.

And then we went for a walk around the French Quarter. Since it's mid-August, it's hot and humid (tomorrow it's supposed to be 96 degrees), and Bourbon Street reeked. Stale beer, old vomit, and every now and then you'd just get hit over the head with a horrible stench that smelled like either something died or the sewer system is in serious disrepair. One of the first sights I was treated to was of a middle-aged woman staggering, stumbling, and then slamming herself right into the side of a building. Her drunk buddies reached out, pulled her to them, and, flanking her, holding both her arms, they all began a staggering march on up the street.

Seriously, there were a lot of drunk people walking around--maybe because it's Saturday night, or maybe because apparently there is no open container law in this city. It reminded me of Las Vegas. You can order a drink to go and then just walk around the streets holding your cup of booze, and the police just smile and say "hello" to you.

I did enjoy the musicians playing on the street. I loved all the psychic readers lined up along Jackson Square, ready to tell your fortune. Chelle and I even considered taking one of the horse & carriage rides until I saw that it cost $75 for a half hour tour. (Besides, in this heat, I felt a little sorry for the horses.)

Finally we strolled back to the hotel. Now safely ensconced in our haunted hotel for the night, it's time for some much needed shut-eye. If I see a wee ghostie in the night, you'll surely hear about it!

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