Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Great Hawaiian Adventure

The great thing about Manini Point House is that we will be treated to a sunset every night we're here. This photo shows last night's--not too shoddy for an iPhone picture.

Yesterday was a "chill out" day--we did a lot of nothing. Laid around, read, walked down to the beach a couple of times. Checked out the kayak rentals across Kealakekua Bay, and we may try kayaking at some point during our stay. The neighborhood is a mix of houses for rent to tourists but mostly locals.

The oddest thing is that the locals allow their animals to run all over the place--which is fine, I love dogs and cats--but the thing I did NOT expect to see, nor associate with a Hawaiian vacation--was this little guy grazing in somebody's front yard:

There ya have it, folks: he da kine donkey!

The place is also fragrant with flowers and bursting with colors. Plucked this plumeria bloom from a tree on the roadside and wore it in my hair for much of the afternoon.

We grilled burgers and sweet corn out on the deck for dinner and went to bed early, once again listening to the sound of rain pounding the tiled roof.

On tap for today: maybe a drive into town. Chelle wants to hit some thrift shops to look for some aloha shirts. Maybe we'll grab lunch at Kona Brewing Company. No worries: I'll be the designated driver.


Karl Boyken said...

Beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing the photos. Di and I made our first trip to Hawaii last winter, to Kauai--I'd love to go back.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Karl! I can already tell I'm NOT going to want to leave when the time comes. LOL

Deee said...

KEWL cool! Love Aloha shirts, esp the classic ones, and that sunset is Gorgeous!!! Isn't it funny that at home we'd sit all day, 'catching up" and feel guilty, or get up and clean, but on vacation, resting is allowed?

Joyce said...

Resting. I'm all for it!