Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Great Hawaiian Adventure, Pt. 2

We're halfway through vacation, and the pattern seems to be something like this: swim and sun in the morning, eat lunch, shop a bit, then retreat to the house while it rains. And, I'm loving it! This pink hibiscus was flowering downtown in Kona yesterday while we were walking around after lunch.

Today we drove north of the airport in search of white sand beaches since everything near the house is a lava rock and gravel beach. After some exploring and asking the locals for directions, we were sent to Kekaha Kai State Park, which actually had a paved road all the down to the beach (a feat, believe me, when you're driving a convertible). It wasn't well marked and seemed to be a local secret and, for such a nice beach, was pretty deserted. I took some lame video, but you can see for yourself how beautiful it was: turquoise water, white sand, and other haole people like ourselves.

Here is a photo of me after I went swimming. Looks like I've got a tree growing out of my head, doesn't it?

We had lunch at Kona Brewing Company (no worries, I went for the Diet Coke while Chelle enjoyed the local handcrafted brew), then went shopping in Kona again. I was in a sour mood for some reason (maybe too much sun, maybe waited too long to eat, maybe PMS, maybe I'm just a psycho), but that's nothing a little retail therapy can't cure. Hence, I bought myself this new sterling silver bracelet with dolphins for good luck:

And I was in great mood after that. Bought some presents for friends, bought a new book to read since I'm almost done with the one on my Kindle, bought and chugged a gingerale.

Then I got home and saw that I'd burned my left side.

Eh, no worries. Just means I'll have to go back tomorrow and burn the other side so they match. Grin.

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