Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back Home In One Piece

Well, we're back home now, after ten glorious days on the Big Island. Definitely renting a house is the way to go. We were very pleased with the experience--it was a beautiful place with a wrap-around deck and an upstairs lanai/sunning deck, a koa wood bar (even though I don't drink anymore, it was still pretty to look at), and lots of little touches the owners took care of (including a big tub of aloe vera and bottles of peroxide under each bathroom sink).

The aloe vera was handy for accidentally getting too much sun, and the peroxide good for the inevitable scrapes and cuts you get when swimming in the ocean.

We were a two-minute walk to Manini Beach--not a beach for laying out because of the lava, but great for swimming and snorkeling. It was nice to wake up, sip Kona coffee, and totter down to the cove for a quick dip before heading back to the house and starting on your day. Plus, right by the beach was "The Gecko Grove," or party headquarters as Chelle called it... geckos hanging out by the dozens. She got more gecko photos! And sunsets ... pretty much every night we were treated to a spectacular view of the sun dipping into the ocean, then disappearing on the horizon.

Work tomorrow morning. Ugh. It's 11:00pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time, but it feels like 8pm to me. Not a bit sleepy. I have a feeling I'll be more than a little braindead in the lab tomorrow.

The kitties couldn't be happier that we're back.

More photos to come once Chelle gets them downloaded from her digital camera.

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