Saturday, July 10, 2010

Aloha, Aikanes


We made it to Hawaii safe and sound. Our vacation house is fabulous--I think the owners must be Buddhist, because there are Buddhas all over the house and a few crystals too. Thus the place has a nice, soothing vibe.

The sunset photo is from the upstairs lanai off our bedroom. Here's another shot of the ocean from the lanai, looking to the left.

We're a two-minute walk to the beach and I went to sleep last night listening to the waves crashing upon the shore. Woke up this morning to see the lights of fishing boats bobbing along the waves. It's still pitch black out.

Yesterday I was also treated to an unusual sight: two geckos mating on the deck. Hahaha! I won't post a picture of that, although Chelle was snapping photos like an enamored zoologist.

I think for the first couple of days, we're just going to hang out, chill, read, swim, sunbathe, and do a lot of nuffin'. Maybe the volcano, a horseback ride, the seahorse farm, hiking trails, and that sort of thing later on.

Well, the sun's coming up now, so I'm off to grab some coffee.


Anne said...

I love geckos, and the chirping they make, your place is gorgeous!

Joyce said...