Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Unbeatable Zenyatta

This is a nice compilation of all 17 of the great Zenyatta's stretch runs. This mare is just unbelievable, indeed. Once she gets rolling, you might as well start your walk to the window to cash your ticket.


Anonymous said...

She is fantastic!!I have watched all of her races and I think she has never been pushed to her limit. She runs just hard enough to win the race. She never comes out even breathing hard or in a sweat. Whats really scary is I think she is actually a mile and a half horse. She really hits her stride and speed at the mile and a quarter. If she gets beat it will be at the shorter distance when she runs out of room to get all her momentum moving. In each race she is pulling away from the rest at the end. You can't compare her to Goldikova. Goldikova can't go more than a mile. Goldy is a sprinter and Zen is made for long distance with power and endurance. Zenyatta is from the line of Princequillo, a large heart stallion, also in the Secretariat line. I bet she is a large heart mare which explains her distance and speed ability like Secretariat.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic !
Thanks for sharing.

Joyce said...

This sounds like my friend Jen! Yeah, Zenyatta is something else and I agree with you that she's never really been asked to give it everything she's got. She did really get rolling last weekend against St Trinians, but it's really clear to me she could've kept going and that St Trinians was trying much harder than Zenyatta was. And as for after her races, yup. She comes back and then prances and dances for her fans. LOL