Saturday, June 5, 2010

Stanford Tree vs. Cal Bear

This would normally be nothing all that special, but Chelle makes an appearance in this ESPN video from 1994 (ish, she can't remember exactly). The two team mascots--the Stanford tree and the UC Berkeley Cal Bear, Oski, rough each other up on the court. Chelle, who was Event Manager at Stanford at the time, is one of the ones breaking up the fight. She's the cute chick with black hair in the white sweatshirt, in the second fight clip. You can see the strap from her radio handset crossing her back. At first you see her from behind as she walks up to them and tells them to knock it off, but they take her demand literally. So, Chelle then jumps in with the rest of the guys to break it up. That's my girl!

UPDATE: my buddy Dee has made things simpler for us. Chelle appears at 0:57 and 1:10ish.

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