Monday, June 7, 2010

News from the Health Front ...

Today I am pleased to announce I haven't put any Cymbalta in my system for ... it has been a little over 48 hours, and the last dose 24 hours before that was only 1/4 of a 30mg pill. Withdrawal symptoms are virtually unnoticeable, so it seems I am DONE WITH THIS!

Thus I'm pleased to be able to say I am now fully alcohol- and drug-free (even though the Cymbalta was prescribed). Tigger does the happy bouncy pouncy dance.

On a not-so-great note, remember my fish story? The one I blogged about here? I fell down (sober, I know, how lame am I?) and cracked my knee pretty well 8 days ago. At the outset, I did the rest, ice, elevation (though flaked on the compression) thing and honestly thought it would be okay. The bruise covers my right leg basically from my knee to my ankle and some of it leaked even around to the back of my knee. We have dubbed it my "Van Gogh Leg" because of the many wonderful swirling colors. But something clearly isn't right. New spots of fresh bruising keep appearing and the leg throbs (doesn't really hurt, but it's warm to the touch and occasionally I will get a sharp pain if I step the wrong way). Fortunately, I had an appointment scheduled to see my doctor tomorrow for my Annual Girlie Humiliation Visit, and since he's my primary care physician as well, I'll have him take a look at it. Chelle's thinking I may have torn a tendon. If so, so much for losing ten more pounds before Hawaii because there go cardio workouts down the drain.

This reminds me ... I need a trim and a shave. And maybe some nice sparkly glitter for dramatic effect. Carry on.


Ur sweetie-petey said...

Sweet jeezus woman, don't be telling everyone your bidnizz... Wow!

Joyce said...

It could've been WAY more graphic. Just sayin