Sunday, May 23, 2010

Speaking of Big Leaps ...

... Chelle and I went to Great America today, and we decided to try this 224 foot Sky Drop ride.

Did I mention that I'm afraid of heights?

I'm not afraid of roller coasters. Don't ask me to explain; phobias are totally irrational. Being strapped safely into a roller coaster doesn't terrify me at all. It can go upside down, through corkscrews, plunge down big drops at lightning speed, and I just giggle and "Yeehaw!" my way through the ride. (Meanwhile, Chelle looked like she wanted to lose her lunch, but then again, fried amusement park food doesn't lend itself to staying down anyway.)

But because she was willing to go on roller coasters that made her blanch, I offered to return the favor by doing this Sky Drop. She's not afraid of heights.

At at the top, I gazed way out over the Bay Area hills and started repeating, "This is freaking me out, this is freaking me out," over and over to acknowledge my fear and calm myself. Then the plunge began! I started giggling. Out of Chelle's mouth came a terse, "Oh shit. Fuck."

And then it was over and we went on a nice easy horsey ride.

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