Saturday, May 22, 2010

Okay, Here It Is

The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Actually, not really. I've mentioned my weight loss online and have my old bodybuilding photo posted on occasion (to inspire myself by reminding myself I CAN, and WILL, look like that again!) on Facebook, and people keep asking me to post a current photo. So here it is.

In this photo, taken this morning in my bathroom mirror--which is a tricky proposition and why I look like an utter twat--I am wearing the same shorts I used to wear in rehab all the time. For those who saw me at the fair tracks last summer (or at Del Mar when we went), these shorts used to fit me. I promise I am not sucking in my gut in this photo. I really have lost quite a few inches off my waist and hips and all over, for a total of about thirty pounds. I'd still like to drop about 20 more. Then we should be able to see my abs again.

I need to work on that smile, huh?


Janett said...

Wow, Joyce you look great!!! Have you changed your diet too or is your weight loss all from your exercise plan. I wish I could have your success. It such an uphill battle for me. I struggle every day and I get so frustrated so easily by every failure. I'm so glad you're having so much success. You are an inspiration.

Joyce said...

Hi Janett! Well, it's both diet and exercise. It really made a huge difference for me to just cut out the alcohol as I was taking in a lot of calories drinking. But then I'd eat poorly when I was hungover. :)

I like to do the "5 or 6" small meals instead of 3 larger meals a day. That keeps me from overeating and also boosts metabolism. (Starving yourself is a bad idea because that slows your metabolism way down.) I also focus on higher protein, fewer carbs. I do eat carbohydrates, but try to limit sugar, white flour, etc. For instance, instead of a sandwich with bread, I'll make a wrap instead, using a low carb tortilla.

For exercise, I try to run 2 miles three times a week and lift weights a couple of times just to help with toning.

It's coming off more slowly than I'd like, but it's coming off, so I'm still pretty happy with the results.

Joyce said...

Oh yeah--coming off the Cymbalta should help too, since SSRI's are notorious for interfering with weight loss.