Friday, April 23, 2010

The Things I Carried

In the liquor cabinet: Patron Silver tequila, Belvedere vodka, Shaker's wheat vodka, Grand Marnier, triple sec, dry vermouth, Bacardi rum, Myer's dark rum, Tanqueray, grenadine, bitters.

On the counter: Maker's Mark, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek, Booker's bourbons. Fonseca 20-year tawny port.

In the refrigerator: six-pack Anchor Steam, six-pack Gordon Biersch blonde bock. Mint julep syrup. Agave nectar. Limes. Olives. Maraschino cherries. Chilled Dry Creek chardonnay. Mrs. T's Bloody Mary mix. Worchester sauce. Horseradish.

On the wall in the den: two display cases with over 60 shot glasses from different states and several countries.

In the 3-case wine rack: mostly red blends. Imagery, Hook and Ladder, Kenwood, BV, Sequoia Grove, Thomas Fogarty, Ridge, Cooper Garrod, Mondavi, Opus 1, Beringer, Benziger, Byron, Jordan.

In the cupboard: 6 martini glasses. 20 white wine glasses, seldom used. 6 large red wine glasses. 6 tumblers. One insulated shaker. Too many pint glasses to count.

In the kitchen drawers: 3 customized wine corks. Several corkscrews. Three bottle openers. A strainer. A gadget for cutting the foil off an unopened bottle of wine. A wine saver pump. Wine pourers. Wine stoppers. An absinthe spoon. Assorted stirrers and wine charms.

Gone: all of it, except for the displays of shot glasses. (Hey, those are souvenirs and I never used them even when I drank!)

Days Sober: 231.

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