Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oaks-Woodford-Derby Pick 3

These pay handsomely if your longshots hit. Since the Kentucky Derby is such a big crapshoot, it seldom is worth your while to pick the ones at short odds, even though they may very well win. (Hey, that's why it's called gambling.)

So here's a Pick 3 I've put together that singles Stately Victor in the Kentucky Derby. That's right. Stately Victor. He's gotten a second on an off track, just fired a bullet over the Churchill track on slop, and is on the improve. Plus he was named after a friend of mine's brother, Victor Perrone. (Yeah, yeah, I know, the last one is a purely sentimental reason.)

It's a $24 bet that, if it hits, should pay well.

OAKS: (crazy fillies) 1,4,5,7,8,13
WOODFORD: 3,7,8,6

If you're a feminist, bet the filly, Devil May Care (the 11), instead of Stately Victor. Who knows, maybe she'll end Pletcher's Derby curse.

Gamble responsibly!

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