Friday, April 30, 2010

Oaks Day Results

Well, I was correct to single Blind Luck, and I wasn't being stupid by going deep in the third leg in my Pick 4, but unfortunately I left out the one that actually won! So I got only three of four legs; sorry if that was a loser for anyone.

On the other hand, because Blind Luck won, I have two tickets alive in the Oaks-Woodford-Derby Pick 3. One is identical to the one I posted here yesterday, and the other one is a last minute bet I did. It goes: 1,5,13/3,6,7,8/1,13,20. The second leg on the two tickets is identical; the last leg has Stately Victor singled on one, and Lookin At Lucky, Jackson Bend, and Sidney's Candy on the other.

Now I have to get cracking on 'capping the card at Churchill Downs tomorrow. So far they're saying nasty weather, sloppy track early, and lots of wind; hopefully the track will dry out by the Derby. More to come later....

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