Friday, April 16, 2010

No Posts Today: National Day of Silence

Instead of posting music, humor, thoughts on recovery, or my usual yabber, today I won't be blogging in honor of this National Day of Silence.

"Dear Joyce, On this 14th annual National Day of Silence, hundreds of thousands of students across our nation have taken a vow of silence to bring serious attention to the epidemic of anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment in schools.

But you may not know that tomorrow, April 17th, is my son Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover’s birthday. Had he not taken his own life one year ago, in a desperate act to escape the daily torment of bullying and harassment at his school, Carl would be entering his teenage years. Instead, his life and beautiful spirit are gone forever.

While my son did not identify as gay, his tragic loss is further proof that anti-LBGT bullying affects all students, and it often has life-threatening consequences. Please remember my son and support students who are taking part in Day of Silence today by signing our pledge to support safe schools legislation in Congress.

Tell Congress: Pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act Now.

The Safe Schools Improvement Act will require local schools that receive federal funding to implement comprehensive anti-bullying policies that specifically address anti-LGBT behaviors.

Have you already signed our petition? Please consider forwarding this email to a friend. The more names we have, the stronger our message will be for Congress to pass safe schools legislation.

Since my son’s death, I have found comfort in being part of a community of compassionate people like you who make GLSEN’s work possible. As you go about your day, I hope you will find the time to partake in Day of Silence -- in memory of my son Carl, who is silenced forever by anti-LGBT harassment, and the countless others just like him who have suffered at the hands of merciless bullies.

Be part of today’s National Day of Silence by signing our
petition to pass safe schools legislation today.

Thank you for your support and dedication, and for taking action today in support of safe schools legislation.

Sirdeaner Walker"

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