Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kentucky Oaks Pick 4

Well, you have to single somebody if you want an affordable ticket. So I'm going to commit to the favorite in the Oaks on this ticket, Blind Luck. Barring a bad trip, Blind Luck stands head and shoulders over the field.

So here's my Pick 4 ticket, starting with race 8:

Race 8: 3,6,9
Race 9: 2,4,7
Race 10: 1,4,5,11
Race 11: 5

This is a $36 dollar ticket if you go with a $1 Pick 4 bet.

Good luck, all.


so-and-so said...

Hi! Fun site :) Have you read Horse Heaven? Everything I know about horses is from that book, but it might be a fun read even if you already know a lot. I noticed you don't have in your blogroll . . .

I'm taking a poll and would be interested in your feedback: Is internet addiction real?

Have a great day!


Joyce said...

Hey, so and so! LOL

I honestly think anybody can become addicted to anything--and by addicted, I mean something that you do compulsively while it harms you. If someone is on the Internet so much that they have to sneak at work, or get anxious when they have no access, or their spouse is concerned, and they're slacking off on grooming, and they spend all their spare tine there instead of interacting with other, real human beings, yeah, I'd say that's a dangerous addiction. An out-of control compulsion that is negatively affecting them.

Some "addictions" can be okay. Some people get addicted to AA meetings, in my opinon. Some people get addicted to exercise. These are not a problem unless they start hurting their life, or the lives of others around them, in some way.

That's my two cents, since ya asked.

I'll check out the site. Thanks for visiting. Come back anytime.

Joyce said...

Oh, forgot about Horse Heaven! Yes, absolutely, love Jane Smiley. She's also written A Year At the Races, although that's nonfiction, and I thought Horse Heaven was the better book.

And...siteSSSSS, with an "s." LOL

so-and-so said...

Thanks for your thoughts on internet addiction. It's good to meet another Jane Smiley fan : ) I'll have to check out A Day at the Races.