Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Note to Lurkers Who Regularly Read This Blog

I know you're there because I hear from some of you on occasion. And I don't mind people reading this anonymously and never saying a word. I do it myself at other blogs I follow.

But if you would, if you have a free gmail, blogger, yahoo, etc, account, would you mind registering as a "follower" of this blog? (Just scroll through the sidebar to the right; you'll find where to do this. You can make up some random name if you wish.) The reason is, once I get twenty followers, whenever there's a blog post it will automatically be fed to Networkedblogs, and my readership will broaden. Not everyone reads this blog for the recovery posts, but those are being forwarded around and some folks are finding them useful. I consider those posts to be part of my 12th step work, and, honestly? If my experiences can help other folks out there struggling with addiction, I'm all for it.

Thanks, y'all.

Back to my regularly scheduled Spring Cleaning...

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