Sunday, January 4, 2009

O Firefly in Air

This is our beautiful new filly, O Firefly. She doesn't run. She flies.

Her papa is Old Topper, and she is a feisty tall gal. Recently turned three, she'll grow into her frame, we hope, and then show everybody up here in Northern California.

We brought her carrots this morning, and she's calmer than she was last Friday after the race we claimed her out of. True, she's still a bit twitchy, but we've always had a weakness for twitchy girls. (Actually, that last bit is my partner talking.)

UPDATE: Oh, I forgot. If anyone cares, that's Russell Baze up.


Capn Dyke said...

She be Wind an' Beauty Personified, Me Tiglet! Th' Cap'n gives ye Her Warmest Congratulations on findin' such a Sweet Steed.

Margo Moon said...

I have a million questions. Is her groom a guy or a girl? Does she like mints as well as carrots? How many hands is she?

We wanna know more!!!!

Congratulations, ladies.

Joyce said...

Thank ye kindly, Cap'n. :-)

Margo Moon, her groom's a guy. It does seem as though everybody in Steve's barn has been visiting her, though. We know already that she really doesn't like being approached on the right side; she prefers the left. She's not crazy about having her face touched (no wonder she got pissy when they pinned her ears putting her in the gate last Friday!) But she likes being scratched under her neck.

Actually, I'm not sure how tall she is. All I know so far is that she's tall! :-) If you look down the length of the barn at all the horses sticking their heads out wanting scratches as you go by, she's definitely among the tallest ones.

Not sure about mints...we asked Steve (her trainer) about giving her peppermints and he said not to. Carrots are the only thing I know of on the approved list, other than alfalfa and her regular feed. He did show us the grain and zillion supplements he uses, etc. So I think, especially since he's wanting her to fill out a little, he's going to really control her nutrition at present.

Margo Moon said...

Wow, when she fills out she's gonna be one intimidating chick.

Joyce said...

Yup, and you should see her big feet! Course you just know once she starts winning races, somebody will claim her from us. :-(

But we'll give her lots of love in the meantime!

Margo Moon said...

Big feet love turf.

Keep pouring on the love while you can. It's a lot like anything else, isn't it?

Joyce said...

Yes, and since she broke her maiden on turf, I'm thinking grass is where she wants to be. She can change leads no problem, but it would be good to see her learning how to rate. It's kind of hard to always wire turf races, but that's what she did because she'd been running sprints down south. She's definitely got some speed.