Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still, I Dig My Mustang


Capn Dyke said...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Too wonderful, Me Dear Tig!

Margo Moon said...

Mustangs get a pass, on account of having a cowgirl name. Just sayin'.

What year is yours? Your Mustang, that is.

p.s. After all that book talk on Hahn's page yesterday, my girl finally ordered us a copy. New. Yay!

Joyce said...

It's a 2004 40th anniversary edition. Silver body, black ragtop convertible. Yes, go ahead and say it. I was having a midlife crisis. ;-)

Yay on buying a copy. As I'd said, it's horribly dated, and it's truly just a glorified term paper, but y'all should get a big kick out of all the unauthorized photos. You simply haven't lived until you've seen Melissa Etheridge with a nasty, tight Barbra Streisand "A Star is Born" perm. LOL

Hahn at Home said...

I traded in the Ford for the Subaru. Turns out they are made here too. Who knew?

Joyce said...

Lori, now why doesn't that surprise me? Bah!

When I lived in Spokane, I simply had to park the Mustang in a covered space, cover it and tie the cover to under the car with bungee cords, and leave it for the winter. Bought a used Subaru Outback that was a dream in the snow and ice. We sold it to our favorite bartender when we moved back to the Bay Area. Chelle just bought a new Ford Escape because her Exploder's transmission went out, and I have to admit it's nice to have the all wheel drive again for when the weather's nasty, like now.