Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Special Comment on Gay Marriage ~ Keith Olbermann

If you missed this, you must see it! It's an impassioned, articulate response to the passage of Prop 8 by a man who is straight.


Margo Moon said...

Damnation! Impassioned, is right.

We need to adopt as our chant:

What IS it to you?

Hahn at Home said...

Someone sent this to me early this morning and I spent over six minutes watching it - amazing feat for me. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the passionate sincerity of his plea.

Not ever been a Keith fan particularly, but man, I am now.

Joyce said...

It's true..."What IS it to you?" would be a great chant during rallies and marches and such.

Lori, I agree, Keith Olbermann is kinda like MSNBC's answer to Bill O'Reilly. He can be a big pompous blowhard sometimes. But every now and then, he hits the ball right out of the park, and this was one of those times.