Friday, October 31, 2008


Historically, when Americans have amended the Constitution, it's to bestow rights upon citizens, not to take them away. Let's not set a dangerous precedent by supporting Prop. 8 and denying gay people our right to marry. Vote NO!


Tote Board Brad said...

yeah, this has got to go down. since when do we amend the constitution to limit rights?

Joyce said...

These folks behind Prop 8 seem to forget the system of checks and balances in this country. Among the courts' responsibilities is to ensure proper interpretation of the Constitution so that "the majority vote" at any given time cannot trump the Constitutional rights of any minority group. If Prop 8 actually passes, it'll just end up in front the appellate judges yet again, who will, once again, overturn the vote since they've already found it was unconstitutional. The Yes on 8 folks have totally forgotten that interracial marriage was unpopular too and the majority were against it as well, but the Supreme Court said sorry, no, banning interracial marriage is unconstitutional. The courts have overthrown the tyranny of the majority rule over and over. That's not "activist judges"--they're just doing the job they were appointed to do!