Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Joyce's New BFF

Ain't he purrrrty?


Margo Moon said...

He's beautiful!!!!

Is he yours?? Or you his??? Spill it, girl.

Joyce said...

Naw, this was, alas, a quickie.
:-) In late August, Chelle and I and her Mom, Dad, and brother slipped away for a week in Montana at Glacier National Park (y'know, gotta see the glaciers before they're all gone). Her dad is a photographer/painter and so we were on the way at the crack of dawn one morning to a photo shoot. (I'll probably post some of those before too long, too, because some of them are incredible.)

Anyway, we happened to be passing by a field with a few horses way on the other end, and me, still blinking in a state of "I need coffee now," cooed, "Come here, sweeties!"

This one guy heard me, and, ears pricked (I'm not lying), galloped across the field to the fence and stuck his face in my face. It was precious.

Alas, these one-time encounters are so unsatisfying. :-)