Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gettin' Hitched Wid Da Two Fat Ladies

OMG, it's not until you look at your wedding photos when you realize just how chubby you've really gotten! No wonder Joe the exercise rider pinched me the other day, told me he liked a girl with a little meat on her, and winked. LOL! Actually, Chelle looks pretty good because she carries her weight in her butt and has tiny bird legs, but I get a woman's typical pear shape when I'm carrying too many pounds. Dang, let this be a lesson to you all: DON'T BECOME FRIENDS WITH A GENEROUS BARTENDER AT BAY MEADOWS!! She will destroy your figure and cackle about it! (No worries, now that Bay Meadows has closed I'm likely to get more active since I think sitting at an OTB facility is profoundly boring. I'll lean out once I start trail running again, which is hands down one of my favorite things.)

Anyway, back to the point. We chose Bay Meadows to get married because it's been our "home away from home" for four years--except when we lived in Spokane for a year--and this past weekend was the very last weekend of live racing. They'll start tearing the place down after Labor Day and are auctioning off this weekend anything that can be carried away. We got married in the paddock, which is, I think, the only--or one of the only--indoor paddocks in the United States. Here we are with our champagne, hamming it up before the ceremony:

And here we are after the vows are all "official," standing in the, er...appropriate spot. That's our buddy Cary at the bottom trying to edit the sign of superfluous information.

Hmm. Actually, the more I look at these photos, the more I realize ... I'm starting to look like my spouse! Egads! It's true!

But how can I not love that happy face?


Anonymous said...

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Margo Moon said...

Awwww, you're both adorable.

What a wonderful place to wed! Thanks for posting this. I'll be smiling about it all day.

Joyce said...

Anonymous: I'm glad you're happy.

Margo: Of course we're adorable! I just think we oughtn't be clones of each other. I'm askeerin' myself. LOL

Tigger needs to start doing more bouncing around....yup, yup

Spokane Al said...

Congratulations. I hope you both turn into cranky old farts and enjoy your remaining many, many days together.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Al! Unfortunately, I think we both are already two cranky old farts, but I appreciate the sentiment. So whatcha doin' in the photo there? Measuring your VO2Max?

Hahn at Home said...

You're okay until they start calling you the "bookends."

I'm so glad you didn't do the wedding gown thing! ; )