Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Local Lesbian Poet Appointed Poet Laureate of United States

Well, halle-frickin-lujah! Kay Ryan of Fairfield has been appointed the new Poet Laureate of the United States, and she's an out dyke to boot. Good on her. And, don't you think she looks a little bit like Elizabeth Bishop?

Anyway, I admit I don't know much about her poetry, and I didn't really care very much for the two poems published in this article in the Chronicle. Shades of William Carlos Williams? But, I'm sure I'll buy her New and Selected Poems when it comes out in November, and maybe my college will have her out to do a reading since she's local. It's high time more lesbians are appreciated for the tremendous role in the arts we've been playing in this country for years and years.


Hahn at Home said...

Yeah, not a big fan of hers, but still...I wouldn't mind learning more. I didn't like Grace Paley right off either. And, Elsa Gidlow, well, she had some wonderful pieces, but a lot of it was awful!

Capn Dyke said...