Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gay Marriage, Part Two

Oh yeah. I keep forgetting to post about this! The "Big Day" is Fri, August 15th. We're going here to file our marriage license application tonight, and then we'll go pick up our license sometime between now and the 15th.

Our wacky cuz Kristin is becoming formally ordained, and she will preside over the nuptials in the Bay Meadows Winner's Circle (well, that's assuming they'll let us gather there briefly that day before racing starts. Otherwise, we may get stuck exchanging vows in the parking lot, maybe next to a van with a nickering horse. Hey! Now that I think of it, he could be our third witness, stamping our paperwork with a "good luck" horseshoe.)

Just kidding. We're keeping the ceremony small since we're already registered domestic partners in the State of California, and in April 2006, we flew to Vermont to celebrate a civil union. Our family and friends have already showered us with the equivalent of wedding presents, so we couldn't possibly ask for or need another round of gifts. No, this wedding merely confirms what everybody already knows: we are about as committed a couple as two people could possibly ever hope to be.

Why the 15th of August? That marks the day we both met, four years ago.

So why marry? Because, finally, we legally can. We can only pray that fearful and close-minded people won't snatch this legal right away from us come November.

Ah, the irony. Imagine this. On the wall at home, we'll have a domestic partnership certificate, a civil union certificate, a marriage certificate, and on the shelf a binder full of all the legal paperwork establishing our living trust, wills, powers of attorney over finances and health care ... yet some people still want to argue ours is not a "real" relationship and oughtn't be recognized as such. Somehow, in their minds, we "cheapen" their marriages.

All I have to say to that is: honey, if your marriage is that flimsy, you oughta spend more time working on it than on worrying about what we're doing.



A. Malcontent said...

Congratulations! I hope you guys have a great wedding ceremony, and I wish you many, many happy years together.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Faythe! Thought about you just yesterday when our plane flew over Spokane on the way to Seattle from Kalispell, Montana. We visited Glacier National Park on vacation.