Friday, June 6, 2008

Go, Big Brown!

Isn't he gorgeous? I can't stand his windbag of a trainer and his money-clutching owners, but as Margo Moon might say, "It's not the horse's fault."

There was some talk of Casino Drive scratching tomorrow due to a bruised foot, but apparently they intend to run him anyway. If so, he is the only one in the field that could beat Big Brown MAYBE, unless something weird or awful happens. For the superfecta, I'm thinking 1-5-7-4 if Casino Drive looks good in the paddock. If he's scratched, then your super is 1-7,4/7,4/the rest of 'em.

Of course, there's always the issue of Big Brown's quarter crack (pictured below), but they've been treating it well and sealed it up today; it should be fine.

And now I must admit, I was awfully tempted to go buy a Hooters t-shirt to wear to the track tomorrow. After all, Big Brown is now brought to you by not just UPS, but Hooters! What a hoot! What a wonderful way to restore horse racing's reputation as the true "Sport of Kings." I mostly want Big Brown to win just so I can gape at big breasted women in tight t-shirts and short orange hotpants in the winner's circle.

My partner and I agreed that it would be even more perfect if Big Brown decided to bite one on the nipple.

The Pick 6 at Belmont tomorrow is infinitely playable since you can single Big Brown in the final leg, Indian Blessing in the 3rd leg, and Benny the Bull in the first leg. Then pray for (and bet) longer shots in the other legs. Offhand, I like Lady of Venice or Bayou's Lassie in the second leg, J Be K or Ready's Image in the 8th leg, and Pays to Dream in the 9th leg. I'll probably toss in some others, but for now this makes a cheap (and admittedly pretty chalky) ticket if you don't bet the picks in parentheses. I also freely admit to a bias towards Indian Blessing and agree her form lately may be off, and she may need a race. (Still, Baffert placed her here....) and still, at 1-1, you may wish to beat her. I reckon those who are against her believe she was at her best at age two and now she's done, and I can't argue with that. If I could change ANY rules in horse racing, it would be to stop racing babies.)

1: 7 (but 4,5 too)
2: 1, 7 (but 5,10 too)
3: 2 (and ?)
4: 5,2 (but 4 too)
5: 8 (but 9,3,10,5,1 too)
6: 1

I can't afford to bet all of these, but perhaps some friends and I can cobble together a ticket tomorrow. Good luck everybody!

Let's hope for a Triple Crown winner.


Hahn at Home said...

Yeah, that was pretty funny over at Margo's - staid college professor indeed.

Joyce said...

Staid, my hiney. It's 8:37am and I'm already drinking a bloody Mary.

Capn Dyke said...

Tigger be about as 'staid' as Granny Patch's scarlet corset. ;)