Sunday, May 4, 2008

RIP, Eight Belles

What a big, beautiful filly with a big, beautiful heart. She's the only one of the bunch to really give Big Brown a race. Naturally I had bet her across the board--she was the filly! How could I not?!

That was money won that I couldn't bear to keep. My partner and I immediately donated it to GEVA (an equine rescue and rehab organization), who happened to have a table at the track yesterday. If you have a few dimes to spare, it'd be awfully nice if you could do the same. To do so, click here.


Spokane Al said...

That was a sad, heart breaking story. I admire your decision on your winnings.

Take care.

Hahn at Home said...

Terribly heartbreaking. What a fine beast.

Margo Moon said...

Very honorable response, in my book, Joyce.

Let's hope this will help bring some overdue changes to horseracing. Take away the whips, re-surface the tracks, stop drugging the horses, and stop racing 2-year-olds.

Joyce said...

Hi, Al. I thought about you yesterday and wondered how Bloomsday went. I assume you ran?

Agree, Lori.

Agree, too, Margo. Crops are for better things; steroids and drugs masking pain (esp. snake venom! Good Lord!), and racing babies are hurting horses. For me the jury's still out on synthetic track since apparently there's been no reduction in the number of breakdowns on them. Then again, have they studied WHICH synthetics work better? The Tapeta footings, cushion, or polytrack? You can't stop a horse from taking a mis-step, that's always true, but tracks that drain well, aren't hard as concrete, etc, can't help but be easier on our gallant creatures.

And it should always be about the horses, not about the #$@ money.

Capn Dyke said...

Sorry for th'Lag, Me Ornery Tigger; Th' Cap'n has been doin' some Heavy Travelin'. Beautiful Girl, that Eight Belles. Not sure iffin anythin' has hit Me Self as hard as Her Passin' in a long time...